Is your floor cleaning process sustainable ?

For Chemical Free Floor Cleaning you can now have the Zero3 aqueous ozone system from TomCat, eliminating the use, storage & transportation of harmful chemicals.

Zero3 aqueous ozone is generated on demand & on board, for powerful cleaning & sanitising without the use of harmful chemicals.

Encorporate the TomCat Suds dosing system on your scrubber dryer for the best of both worlds, combine Zero3 aqueous ozone for general cleaning, with chemical dosing system for those specialist floor cleaning tasks, deep cleans & floor seal stripping.

Available across the complete range of scrubber dryers, in both ride-on & walk-behind versions.

For Chemical Free Floor Cleaning you can now have the best of both worlds with the new  & system, which is Available on the new range of pedestrian scrubber driers.

Aqueous ozone is produced by our unique on-board, on demand system will clean hard floors during daily use, reducing the harmful bacteria that can build up on hard floors & in the scrubber itself. Our Zer03 unit produces the aqueous ozone on demand so there is no chance of degradation or dilution of the product as with other systems. If deeper cleaning or floor preparation is required the operator can switch to the Suds system which will inject chemical from a reservoir at a preset dilution into the water that feeds the scrub deck.


Chemical Free Floor Cleaning here is how we do it…

Aqueous ozone is produced by using electricity to add an extra oxygen molecule to O2, creating O3.  This O3 is then infused into cold tap water to create safe aqueous ozone which is able to clean for up to 4 hours. The Zer03 unit fits neatly inside the floor scrubber converting the tap water from the solution tank into Aqueous ozone, which will clean hard surfaces without chemicals, so reducing the carbon footprint

Zero3 for Chemical Free Floor Cleaning

The TomCat Zero3 system now comes with Suds included in the package.

On occasions when you need to deep clean or strip floor
seal chemical may be required, the SUDS system will inject
chemical as required at the flick of a switch. When you
have completed the task just turn of the SUDS & revert
back to Zero3 or just us water.

Dramatically reduce the amount of chemical required to maintain your facility with the O3+ on board & on demand system available on TomCats range of ride-on & walk-behind scrubber driers. With less transport, reduced packaging, minimized storage, reducing hazards and no used packaging in land fill sites.    

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