TomCat Floor Cleaning Machines

Improve your cleaning regime, beat inflation and help your cash flow with a TomCat scrubber dryer on our all inclusive contract hire for fixed periods up to 5 Years.

Full maintenance package which includes: Regular Servicing, Call Outs, Breakdown Cover & Machine Consumables.

Your machine will be looked after by our fully trained technicians using genuine OEM parts & consumables, to keep your TomCat working to the high standard that we expect.

Contract hire is available across our range of new & refubished floor cleaning equipment.

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Quarterly Servicing

Breakdown Cover


Spare Machine Cover


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All TomCat battery powered floor cleaning machines, scrubber dryers & sweepers are available on contract hire with flexible terms from 12 Months to 5 Years.

Get the best floor cleaning equipment when you need it & fix the budget well into the future.

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Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryers


TomCat walk-behind scrubber dryers, the ultimate solution for exceptional floor cleaning in industrial and commercial environments. Built with uncompromising quality, these battery-powered scrubber dryers boast a solid steel chassis, powerful motors, and adjustable brush pressure to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks. With TomCat pedestrian scrubbers, achieve outstanding results on a wide range of hard floors and experience the highest industry standards.

If you’re searching for the best achievable results for your dirty or problematic floor surfaces, look no further. Contact us today, book a free demonstration and let us exceed your expectations.

  • Heavy Duty Motors
  • Stainless Steel Brush Decks
  • Stainless Steel Squeegee
  • Three Brush Deck Styles
  • On-Board Charger
  • Wet or Sealed Batteries

Ride-On Scrubber Dryers

TomCat Ride-on scrubber dryers are the perfect solution for large area commercial & industrial cleaning applications. Built tough and designed to withstand the harshest conditions, these battery-powered rider scrubber dryers deliver exceptional cleaning performance, productivity, and longevity. With user-friendly features and low maintenance requirements, TomCat rider scrubbers and scrubber sweepers are the ultimate choice for achieving industry-leading results. 

 With TomCat, you can enhance your cleaning productivity and performance like never before. Experience the power and efficiency of our durable heavy-duty hard floor scrubber dryers with a free demonstration at your facility. 

  • Durable Heavy Duty Chassis
  • Stainles Steel Scrub Decks
  • Stainless Steel Squeegee
  • Industrial Motors
  • Wet or Sealed Batteries
  • On-Board Chargers

TomCat Floor Sweepers

TomCat range of industrial floor sweepers, the ultimate solution for efficient and effective cleaning in warehouses and distribution centers. Built with superior craftsmanship and lasting durability, our solid steel battery powered walk-behind and ride-on sweepers are designed to “live and last” in industrial applications. With bag house cloth filtration, our sweepers deliver outstanding dust control, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. Their simple usability and low maintenance make them a breeze to operate and maintain.

Experience the most robust construction in the industry and get unmatched performance with Tomcat floor sweepers. Contact us to arrange a free demonstration today & discover the TomCat difference.

  • Outstanding Dust Control
  • Solid Steel Chassis
  • Heavy Duty Motors
  • Robust Construction
  • Wet or Sealed Batteries
  • On-Board Charger


Edge Floor Preparation

TomCat EDGE Floor Preparation – the ultimate solution for heavy-duty floor cleaning, stripping, and stone polishing. Our machines feature oscillating scrubbing action for deep cleaning, and are fitted with the rectangular EDGE system, allowing for faster and deeper cleaning of a wide range of hard floors.

With heavy-duty motors, solid steel construction, and a large range of tooling, our equipment scrubs, polishes, sands, and cleans edges and corners like no other. Experience outstanding results and superior performance of an EDGE with a free demonstration on your floors. 

  • Heavy Duty Motors & Isollators
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Large Range of Tooling
  • Scrubs – Polishes – Sands
  • Cleans Edges & Corners

TomCat Sport with EDGE

Revolutionary TomCat Sport Scrubber Dryer with oscillation, the game-changer in floor cleaning technology, with its innovative design and advanced features, this machine provides exceptional cleaning power without the need for any harmful cleaning chemicals. Watch our video to see the TomCat Sport in action, effortlessly restoring the beauty of hard floors in industrial and commercial settings. Experience the future of eco-friendly cleaning today with TomCat-UK, your trusted source for premium floor cleaning equipment.

Discover the power of aqueous ozone, the innovative and eco-friendly solution for cleaning hard floors without the need for harmful chemical detergents.